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Department of African Studies


The area studies programme  on Africa was established  in 1971-72 by the University Grants Commission as part of its efforts to develop Area Studies Programme at the Indian University level. The main thrust of the centre is  research though it conducts postgraduate teaching . Centre offers to the aspiring students  full eight papers M.A. degree in African Studies, along with combination degree  with other social science disciplines. The centre has a young faculty devoted to research in their respective disciplines  and respective areas . Besides post-graduate courses,  Centre enrolls students for Doctoral Research leading to Ph.D. degree in African Studies at Mumbai University.

The Centre for African studies is today one of the premier Area Studies Centre in India doing research and teaching in African Studies. Initially it was established to research problems of Anglophone east Africa and was appropriately named centre for East African studies. The UGC in 1990's allowed it to expand the scope of its research and teaching to cover entire African continent. Today, Centre's faculty covers within the scope of its teaching and research, developments throughout the African Continent. The Centre is financed by the UGC, which provides grants every five years on the basis of Centre's performance. The UGC has provided  faculty positions and grants for the enhancement of academic activities and  create and maintain infrastructural facilities for teaching and research. The Mumbai University provides a grant to the Centre in annual budget for the petty expenses.

The Centre for African Studies is housed in Ranade Bhavan located at Vidyanagari Campus of University of Mumbai. The Campus is located near Kalina, Santacruz (East), and is accessible both from western and central railways. The  Campus offers facilities for research opportunities for an all round development of student personality.

The Centre has multi-disciplinary faculty though the thrust of its teaching is inter-disciplinary in nature. The Centre has over the years successfully undertaken several projects on Africa from governmental and non-governmental agencies, conducted seminars/conference/workshops .Faculty of the Centre contributes papers on African problems to national and international seminars/conference/

The Centre's faculty has published (during the last more than 35 years) several hundred research articles in professional journals published at national and international level. Individual faculty members have been invited to deliver lecture  and  to refresher and orientation courses for university and college teachers, participate in conferences / seminars held by the departments of different Indian Universities. The proceedings of the seminars / conferences held by the Centre and the project reports have been published. The Centre has over the last thirty five years published eighteen  books and held equal number of national / international conferences/seminars and local workshops.