Refund / Cancellation Policy
Last Updated On Feb 6 2017 6:51PM
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The Refund Policy of University of Mumbai

  1. University of Mumbai collects various types of fees from different stakeholders.  Under exceptional cases, the fees need to be refunded to the deserving persons/institutions.
  2. The fees will be refund only after written request made to the appropriate authority within stipulated period.
  3. While refunding the fee other than Affiliation Fee, the administrative charges @ rate of 15% will be deducted and remaining amount will be paid to the concerned stakeholder.
  4. The refund of Affiliation Fee:-as per circular No. Aff./Recog./ICC/2012-13/17 dated 24 August, 2012, the one third of the amount of the affiliation fee received with application for opening new college shall be refund to the college/society.  Whose application has not approved by the University/State Government.
  5. The refund of Tuition Fee:- The Tuition Fee, Development and all other fee after cancellation of admission will be refunded as per the Ordinance NO. 2859 for under graduate courses and the refund of Tuition Fee for the post graduate courses is as per the Ordinance 3574 a,b &c.
  6. The Revaluation Fee will not be refunded at the any case
  7. The Fees received by payment gateway/NEFT/RTGS/Credit/Debit Card and any other mode of online payment, will be refunded in the same mode of payment.
  8. The refund of any fee is at the discretion of the University.