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The Maharashtra Universities Act – 1994, has provided for the establishment of universities and college tribunals for one/more universities in the state of Maharashtra for adjudication of disputes between the employees of universities and their respective university and between employees of affiliated colleges or recognized institutions and their respective managements. The tribunals shall be constituted in the official gazette.


The tribunal shall have the same powers as are vested in an appellate court. It shall have also the power to stay the operation of any order against which an appeal is made; on such conditions; as it may think fit to impose.


The tribunal has the power to give appropriate reliefs and directions in the cases referred to it. It may set aside the order of the university or the management, partially or wholly, and direct the university and the management to re-instate the employee, to restore the employee to his/her rank to give arrears of emoluments to the employee; to give other relief to the employee or any lesser punishment having regard to the circumstances of the case.


The decision of the tribunal shall be final and the university or the management. No appeal can be made against it’s decision before any other tribunal or authority. A legal practitioner shall not be entitled to appear on behalf of any party in any proceedings before the tribunal.